Hey everyone. This is my blog from Benin, Africa. I'll try to write as much about my experience as I can. Hope you all enjoy and feel free to write me as well.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Life in Porto Novo Coninued

So yes I have been in Africa officially three weeks now and gone from the US for a month. WOW that is crazy. I am really starting to enjoy the people here a lot. For instance, yesterday we went on a field visit to a small town 30 minutes from where I am and we did some activities with the towns people and i really had a lot of fun working with them. One of the funnest things I found was that to start the meeting (actually this is how most meetings start) they started singing, clapping and dancing. Then I worked with a bunch of children on an acitivity and then when we the group came back togther they sang again, this time getting all of us to dance with them. It was really fun.
Benin Peace corps is having its fortieth anniversary this year and they are going to throw a big pârty for it when all of us swear in. To top that off we are getting special African outfits made for all of us to wear. And that is not even the kicker, the President of Benin, Yayi Boni is coming to the party and we all get to meet him. I am very excited about that. This week I am leaving wit hthree other health volunteers and going to stay with a current volunteer for 4 days. We are goign to go around and see what they do. Also Friday is independence day here in Benin so there will be a big Fete in the village I am going to. Well thats about all I know right now. A tout a lheure.

Monday, July 28, 2008

3 Weeks

Well it has now been officially three and a half weeks since i have been in Africa. I live with a host family here that consists of a mother, father, sister, and brother. They are all very nice and i like them very much. I have my own room there with elecricity and my own bathroom so that is really nice. Everyday I bike a 30 min bikeride to school, where i learn french and health related things. After that i go home and spend time with my family. Pardon my spelling errors please because i am still not used to this french keyboard. Saturday i got to go to another town for a trip and we went to several voodoo temples. That was really cool. Sunday I went to a big party at my families church and we ate tradtional food calld igame pîllet and I met a lot of there friends. I also found out this week where i am going to be living for the next two years. It is a town called Djidja and it is 98 percen voodoo religion. Ok well this computer is kicking me off the internet but i now have an internet cafe close to me so i will be writing more soon. also feel free to leave me posts on here if you xant to.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hey everyone. So it is Monday here in Africa and it has been amazing so far. I left Philadelphia where my preliminary event was on Thursday and we got to Cotonou Friday night around 10 p.m. So far I absolutely love it. I have made some great friends so far and meet so vary interesting people. The town of Cotonou is very busy and exciting. The people who live her are outside all the time. Today I learned how to ride on the motorcycle taxi's called Zemi-Jeans. That was very interesting because you can't hold onto or touch the drivers so you just kind of balance on the back of the motorcycle. Moto-taxi's are the way most people get around in Benin.
We are staying in a hostel/Monastery while we are here in Cotonou. The place is nice, we have electricity and running water so that is definitely a plus. It is still pretty hot at night so at first I didn't sleep all that well but I am getting used to it now. On Wednesday we move to the city of Porto Novo to begin our 9 weeks of training. While in Porto Novo we live with a host family. I am excited to meet them because is seems like most people really love their host families and stay in contact with them long after they have left. Well I have to run. Hopefully I'll be able to write again soon.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Well I just finished up with my staging event in Philidelphia and am getting ready to head to the airport. Staging was a lot of fun because I got to meet the other 65 people that are heading over there with me. Everyone here is really great and a lot like me so I think it is going to be a great 2 years. Finally getting here made me feel a lot better about going, for one because the people I am going with are cool, and two they start to actually give you some specifics about what is going to happen over there. One thing I am really excited about is to get my own clothes made. Apparently there like a dollar and they make really beautiful clothing. I pretty sure everything that I brought will make me stand out as a foreigner so I would like to get some traditional clothing so that I don't stand out as much. Let's see what else. Oh I had sushi for my last meal, it was amazing. I have to say it is very wierd to say, " hey I am going to Africa today" I mean how many times in you life do you get to say that. Well I have to finish packing. Talk soon