Hey everyone. This is my blog from Benin, Africa. I'll try to write as much about my experience as I can. Hope you all enjoy and feel free to write me as well.

Friday, October 3, 2008

October 3

So everyone i finally got the blogs on here that I had written on my laptop a really long time ago. I finally found a cyber near me that would work fast enough for me to actually do some things one it. LOL

All in all I am doing really well I think. I really like my house, I have great neighbors, and I finally got some furniture in my house (look at the photos for sept. 18 that is my bedroom)

I have done lots since I have been at post. Last weekend I went to a huge party in another town for the re opening of a palace. It wad really fun and if i can ever get the pictures on here you will get to see some of the really cool voodoo rituals I got to watch.

I have also started doing some more work. My homologue came to town Monday and Teusday and a news crew came to shoot some stories on the womens cooking groups my NGO started. So if any of you are over in Africa you can look for me on ORTB.

Other than that I dont know too much else i have really just been hanging out with my neighbors and not much else. So I hope everyone is well and hopefully I can write more soon.


Melanie said...

Hey Nat,

I don't know if I told you, but Brad got salmonella poisoning on Saturday night. You should have heard him puking; it was the most violent puking I have ever heard. And he couldn't stop going diarrhea (sp)? Anyway, today, October 15, he is attempting to go back to work. So I hope he makes it.....I feel so bad for him; he was so miserable.

Your mail went out on Tuesday, as Monday was Columbus Day. I tell you what; I will be one pissed of biotch if you don't get that package. Be careful when you open the package, because the girl put the pictures on top (they are in a bubble envelope. But still, be careful.

I could not sleep tonite for anything; sometimes I feel as if I fight sleep....I just don't want to go to bed. I am a night owl and I like to sleep in the mornings, that way Brad comes home sooner. But I don't stay up late very often anymore, I usually go to bed with him.

I have the worst stinky gas, just thought you would like to know.

DId you get rid of the huge praying mantis? Dude, I would have been so scared.

Don't forget to get yourself a cat.....it will bring a lot of joy into your life over there. Sorry things are boring at this point in time, but surely it will get more interesting as you learn you job more.

Melanie said...

Hey Nat the Brat,

Tee Hee. I have not said that to you in awhile, so I decided to refresh your memory. Are not I so nice? Tee Hee

we just talked on the phone, and I did not even think we talked that long at all, but it was a total of ten minutes. It only felt like 2 minutes to me. I wish I could call more, instead of blogging, but it is just too expensive. I would much rather hear your voice than just type at you. But, in order to keep informed and in touch, I am making myself write. Do you know that I do not even write emails? I hate email, it just feels so detached. So like when someone in his family emails me, I just call them. We all have AT&T Wireless, so it is free. But they basically----no, they just call me now because I told them I hate email. Just like texting, it is a relatively new thing, but I refuse to do it. It takes me like 5 hours to type a sentence. How you and all your friends can do it so fast is beyond me.....I guess it is just practice. But I get charged for texting, so I never text, and I tell ppl not to text me. Sally Cleek can even punch away. Anyway, I will try to write as often as I can. Wow that was really a run on, babbling paragraph....sorry.

Mizzou lost again last night to Texas Longhorns. It was murder......Missouri defense and Chase Daniels just were totally off their game. Texas got like 5 or 6 touchdowns before Missouri could score a measly field goal. I am tellin you, I was pisssed. The first five games they played this year were awesome. The last two have just sucked. So I am mad at the football team, so there. They feigned so many running drives, it just drove me nuts. Oh well, chicken hell.

Brad and I are going to see a movie today; it is a western movie. I never liked westerns before I met Brad or war movies that much, but now I really like them. I like watching the Discovery and Military channels alot. I learned so much about war and all I have to say is thank god I am not a man. Those poor soldiers. It makes me so sad. Don't you think it is time for us to get out of Iraq? Iraq's economy is a surplus because of the United States, and we are in like 30 trillion dollar deficit. We are definitely in a depression. The economy here is bad nat. And it is going to take quit a few years for us to come back. I feel sad again. I know it is nothing like the Great Depression, but almost. So, I am actually experiencing what it is like to be in a depression.....that is why we got in 5000.00 credit card debt. We have got to get that payed off. We no longer use the credit card, except for booking flights, but since everything is so expensive these days, I just had to put some stuff on the card. But Brad and I both agreed that we are using it anymore, until it is payed off. If we don't have it in our checking account, we don't buy it. It is costing us 800 bucks just to go to LA for Christmas....that really sucks. But, I tell you I love his family so much and enjoy seeing them that it is worth it. I do wish their house wasn't so small though, I get really claustrophobic when everyone is over, just cuz there is no breathing room for me (I mean that is what it feels like). Don't ever tell Brad I said that; I would never want to hurt his feelings.

Man, I have so much more to say, but I will save it for tomorrow, cuz I know this comment is getting pretty long.

I love you bunches!!!!!!


Plus, MaMa Esther (Brad's Gma), is not doing as well. Her Alheizmers is getting worse, and I love her to death, so I have to go see her this Christmas, in case there is not another chance.