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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sorry for not writing

Hey everyone sorry I havent written in a while. I have shockingly actually been quite busy. Lately at work I have been doing baby weighings in smaller villages and visiting hanidcapped children. I have really enjoyed the baby weighings because I have gotten meet a lot of women and there children and we havent had any really underwieght kids so that is a blessing. It has been difficult however visiting the handicapped children because many of them have cerebral paulsy, sorry about the bad spelling, and there is hardly anything you can do for children with that even in America.
Other than that I have also been traveling a lot. I went up to a northern village for a meeting and got to hang out with many of my friends for an entrie weekend. In this village there is a peace corps house for us to stay in with many bedrooms, a kitchen and lots of lounging space. It was very relaxing and very fun. The first night we went to a beer fest and after words played beer pong and slip n slide, just as if we were at a frat it America haha. The next two nights we took it pretty easy.
I also recently got to go to Cotonou for a meeting. My two friends and I stayed in a hotel a we ended up going to a real club and danced all night. I also got like a million packages from my mother while I was there and I barely made it back to my village.
Lets see what else, I think I am going to get a dog, I found dog food and I really think it would be nice to have somone to come home to. I am really starting to like my village though and I am beginning to feel very comfortable there. Oh yesterday I had an ant and mouse invasion in my house, my neighbors had to come over and pour petrol all over my house to get ride of the ants, and they caught the mouse and let him go outside. Apparently when it doesnt rain here and around this time of year the ants are everywhere and get into everything. Did I mention how much I love my mesquito net because if for anything I can at least hide undert there forever. In two weeks I will be done with my first three months at post which means I can travel and do what I want. I will also be heading back to porto novo for two weeks for another training session. Well thats all I know now. KWABO

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